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Shady Grove UMC Preschool

     "All three of our children have attended SGUMC Preschool.  Not only has SGUMC Preschool academically prepared our children for kindergarten, but more importantly, it has provided each of them with a strong foundation in faith, love of learning, and compassion for their community.  The nurturing, caring environment created by the dedicated teachers and administrators at SGUMC Preschool is top notch.  We are so proud of the memories our children have created there and know that they will be with them for a lifetime.  Many thanks to the amazing SGUMC Preschool team!"         

                                                                                                                                   ~John and Christine Mehfoud                                                                                                


       "Our family has had a very positive experience with Shady Grove UMC Preschool.  All three of my children have loved attending the school and look forward to going to school each day.  It is the sort of environment that you want your children to grow up in.  The director and teachers are very approachable and treat the kids like family.  My kids have blossomed into well rounded individuals ready for kindergarten!"

                                                                                                                                   ~Nicky Hansen

       "I cannot say enough positive things about Shady Grove UMC Preschool.  It is truly an exceptional school. My daughter has attended the school for two years and it has been such a wonderful and positive experience for her!  I sing the praises of the school and of the staff wherever I go because I feel lucky and fortunate that our daughter has attended such a phenomenal preschool.  Being a former kindergarten and first grade teacher, I tend to be a tough critic with very high expectations for my children’s schools.  There is honestly not a single thing I would change or add to this school.  The school provides a welcoming, stimulating, engaging, and age-appropriate learning environment where children feel safe, confident, and most importantly loved by every single teacher in the whole school.  Student-made work and art work is highlighted and displayed in each classroom. The rooms are rich with environmental print as well.  Each student is appreciated for his/her own individuality and pace of learning.  The staff is aware of the “whole child” and what that entails.  The staff values and loves our children.  They are nurturing and committed to our children and the school.  There is so much love and happiness in this school!  The teachers are enthusiastic and always have a smile on their face which is contagious to the students who in turn are happy, happy, happy!!  The teachers are using the most up-to-date child-centered teaching methods and practices and our children are learning a lot.  The learning may be disguised in a super fun activity, but there is a lot of fun and learning going on in those rooms!  The teaching practices are age-appropriate and encourage our children to learn through play and activities.  Learning in this school is fun, it’s hands on, it’s interesting, and it’s engaging!!  Our children are provided extra opportunities such as library, music, and chapel.  A rare find for preschools!  The pre-k children are more than ready to enter kindergarten when they “graduate."  They are equipped with social skills, problem solving skills, and academic skills that will enable them to start their kindergarten year with confidence.  Overall, I am grateful that my child’s love of learning has been nurtured!  My daughter can’t wait to get to school each day and she can’t wait to share all the amazing and fun things she has done. My child’s genuine happiness is priceless. Thank you Shady Grove UMC Preschool!"   

                                                                                                               ~Kristine Quann

        "Shady Grove United Methodist Church Preschool has been a part of our family for the last 5 years.  Our experience has been nothing less than amazing.  Not only did both my sons learn and have fun, but they were also so loved by each teacher at the school.  I am sad to see my little one go off to kindergarten next year, but I am confident he has been taught the right tools to succeed."                                        

                                                                                                                                   ~Vera Coleman