Using the carpool for morning drop off: 

Line up in a single row.  Cars will pull up 3 at a time for unloading.  Teachers will help your child or children out of the car and walk them into the school.

Using the carpool for afternoon pickup: 

Remain in your car and follow the circulation pattern shown above to expedite pick up.  In the rear parking lot, please form two (2) lanes.  Please hold up the card showing us the name of your child (or children).   You will wait to be directed by one of our staff, before proceeding to pick up your child.  The teachers will assist your child in their car seat; however, it is each parent’s responsibility to buckle their child into the car seat before leaving the parking lot.  Please pull into the “Buckle Zone”  to buckle your child into the car seat.   

Please use extra precautions and drive slowly to protect yourself, our preschoolers, and our preschool staff.