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Heather Mumford


Nancy Pennington

Nancy Pennington

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Snack Chat

In order to better prepare our children for Kindergarten, we would like them to bring in their own snack each day.

-Please make sure the snack is healthy.

-Please label it with your child’s name.

-If you are sending in something that needs to stay cold please put an ice pack with it (we do not have a refrigerator for snack storage).

-Remember that this is a snack and not lunch so please send in no more than two items that can be eaten within a 15 minute period.

-Do not send in drinks or water bottles.  We will provide water.

-We are a NUT FREE SCHOOL so please do not send in any items that contain nuts or nut butter.

The children will get their snacks out of their school bag each day and return any uneaten snack back in their bag when they are finished eating.

Our Preschool Day




Arrival (morning routine and table time)


Morning circle


Center time


Small group time


Outside play/gross motor




Closing activity/clean up



Library – Tuesdays 10:45
Music – Thursdays 10:45
Chapel – Wednesdays (Every other) at 10:30

Our day has a mix of student lead, play-based and teacher directed activities. We incorporate movement and music throughout our day. This schedule will be flexible to consider children’s needs, attention, special activities, and events.

Birthday Celebration Ideas

-Please bring one or two of your child’s favorite books to read to the class.

-Please make the treat simple:

 Popsicles, donuts, rice krispie treats, lollipops, ice cream cups, cookies, etc.  Cupcakes are messy for the kids and very time consuming to eat.

-If your family has any special birthday customs we would love to have you share them with the class.

-An All About Me book will come home a few days before their birthday for them to work on and return on the day of the party so we may read it to the class.

-No goody bags please.