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Snack Chat

We use snack time to talk about health, growth, colors, tastes, and textures. Snack offers motivating opportunities for developing skills needed for independence, social skills, communication, and patience. Snack time also offers many opportunities to practice small muscle coordination, building strength in the hands and fingers, mouth, tongue and lips. Snack with friends is also a great place to try new foods, and maybe even a familiar food that wasn’t too appealing the first time it was tried! Simply stated, snack is quite an important activity for us!

We also have a wonderful opportunity to change the culture of what we might think of as typical snacks. We love to be able to offer a fruit or veggie at each snack, and we would aim for less processed, more natural foods in general.

Please be creative, but if you need, here are some examples of snacks:Any fruit: berries, bananas, apples, oranges, grapes, avocado, mango, olives, applesauce, fruit leather, raisins

-Any vegetable: carrot sticks, cucumbers, celery, peas, green beans, broccoli, etc.

-Dips/spreads: honey mustard, regular mustard, ketchup, hummus, sun-butter



-Popcorn (Skinnypop brand is allergen free), rice crackers, tortilla chips, Chex cereals

We drink water for snack each day!

Please share any food allergies or sensitivities with us as soon as possible. p.

All snacks must be manufactured in nut-free, facilities (Read the fine print usually at the bottom of ingredient labels for this information)

Spangler & Farmer’s 2s Helpful Information & FAQs!

What is the drop-off & reunion procedure?

You have the option to use the carpool or walk-in for drop off and pick up.   Please choose the best option for you each morning and afternoon!


If you choose the walk-in option for dropping off, your daily routine will look like this:

  • You both enter the front door
  • You will walk with your child to our room
  • Help your child find his/her cubby
  • Greet me
  • Kiss your precious one
  • And then be off!

We ask that you say a quick goodbye! Your child will ALWAYS choose you, and therefore won’t attach to Nancy and me until you leave. A short, confident goodbye from you, and a quick walk-away (yes, even if your child is crying or upset to see you go), will allow Nancy and I to do what we do best! We will soothe your child and help him/her to feel safe in your absence. You can rest assured that if we need you, we will call you right away!


If you choose the walk-in option for the reunion, your child will be waiting for you in the hallway.  You will enter the building and give the teacher there your child’s name. Another teacher will walk your child down the hall to your waiting arms!

*For the walk-in option, plan to arrive at preschool 10 minutes early while your child adjusts. Once children start leaving, it can be disconcerting to sit and wait, so by arriving 10 minutes early, we can get your child to you right away😊.

If you choose the carpool option, your routine will look like this:

  • Pull in to the back lot and circle around to one of the three stepping stone pathways. You get to stay in your car!
  • A teacher will greet you there and take your child into preschool in the morning and/or bring your child out to you in the afternoon.
  • In the afternoons, we will help your little one into your vehicle, then we ask that you pull forward to the “buckle zone” where you can safely buckle up!

*It is extremely helpful to your child if you can be at the front of the carpool line in the afternoon. This can mean arriving up to 15 minutes early. Once children start leaving, it may seem disconcerting to your child. Sitting and waiting for Mom or Dad can feel like an eternity when you are 2 years old!

What should your child call us?

While Nancy and I hope you will call us by our first names, it is a tradition at Shady Grove for the children to address the staff as Mrs. or Ms. So, to the children we are Mrs. Spangler and Ms. Farmer. For our class, please drop the “Mrs.” and call us Spangler and Pennington!

Should I send a cup?

If your child is not yet able to drink from a regular cup, you may send a sippy cup. This cup will stay in your child’s bag where he or she child can access it whenever he or she needs.  Learning to drink from a cup is a skill we will practice daily at snack time.

Diapers or underwear?

Nancy and I will meet you wherever you are on your toileting journey. We have quite a bit of experience at this and we enjoy this process! We LOVE to see this beautiful transition from diapers to underwear and will support you in any way that we can. We keep notes on each child’s toileting progress at home and do our best to match that effort at preschool. We will send home a note each day to share your child’s progress. Once your child has this skill well on the way to mastery, we will celebrate as a school family!

Diapers or pull-ups?

Please DO NOT send pullups unless they have detachable sides! It simply takes too long to undress and redress with traditional pull-ups. We change multiple diapers multiple times each day while also keeping everyone in the class safe and traditional pull-ups hinder our efforts.

How many diapers should I bring?

We will have you look at your child’s cubby space and decide how many and how often you send diapers/wipes/ underwear etc. We will send home a note when diapers or wipes are needed.

What else should I bring?

A complete set of seasonal clothes, each item labeled, and in a ziplock bag. Whatever you need for an accident at home is what we will need at school. We will keep these extra clothes here at the preschool in the cubbies for easy access. We will send a note home whenever we “dip into” these extra clothes so that you can send replenishments!

What should my child wear?

If we could dress your child for school we would dress them in a short sleeve shirt and roomy, elastic waist shorts, pants, or skirts each day! We are working hard on independence skills, so buttons, belts, tight pants and tight, long sleeve shirts get in the way of that.

We do a lot of playing here at preschool and we play with lots of messy things, like dirt and paint. We will do our best to keep your child’s clothing clean and unstained, but we make no guarantees, so play clothes are best!

How will I keep track of everything?

Imagine 8 pairs of mittens, so 16 mittens in one classroom…Please label EVERYTHING! It will be so incredibly helpful for us! We can’t promise that a mitten or sock or hair bow won’t get misplaced, but we will certainly do a much better job of helping you keep track of things if everything is labeled! (I will have a little lost and found basket just outside our door where we will put things for you to look through)

How will I know what is going on?

I know how important it is for you to know about your child’s day.

Pictures! Please link up to google photos! We do our best to take lots of pictures and we rely on those pictures to say a thousand words to you.

You will receive a detailed activity calendar at the beginning of each month to use as context for these pictures.

You will receive daily notes letting you know the basics of toileting, any changes of clothing, general health and effect.

However, please know that no news is good news! if there are any specific issues, we will address them with you, and if you have specific questions about our day, please email me! (During drop off and reunion I am unable to give you my undivided attention.) I will always be available to answer any questions via email and we can also arrange a time during the day for a face to face meeting.